Friday, May 18, 2012

A Proposal...

Today, May 18th, marks the 14th anniversary of the day Mike proposed to me. We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary 10 days ago, and while discussing all that has changed in our lives since, I was reminded of how much fun Mike made the engagement for me and also realized that many of our friends and family don't actually know how he did it!

It all started as a multi-media, 10 Stage Multi with a diamond ring being the final cache. Yes, Mike was way ahead of his time creating this event a full 2 years before Geocaching was born and became another important part of our lives....

I was working part-time at a law firm in downtown Grand Rapids and had just finished my Junior year at Grand Valley State University. I left work as usual and reached my locked car, parked in the adjacent ramp, only to find that something looked awfully fishy. When I went to get into the car, there was my portable CD player sitting on the seat, a map, a pencil, a piece of paper with an anagram on it, and a CD with a note reading, "Play Me".

I truly had no idea what was going on but thought it would be fun to play along! So, I popped the CD into the player, turned up the volume on my old stereo, and heard Mike's voice come on (how did he manage that?!), telling me that a clue to solve the game could be found at the intersection of Plymouth St. and the unscrambled street on the piece of paper. So, I worked out the anagram, which was Michigan Ave., and headed over there. Once there, I found a piece of paper with another anagram nailed to a pole and the voice on the CD gave me another street. Off to another intersection I went! This continued on for quite some time, with me crisscrossing all over town, until I reached a particular intersection in Kentwood, where I checked every pole on every corner and there was...nothing. Nada. Zip. We had no cell phones at the time so I was completely lost as to what to do next!

All of a sudden, this old couple pulls up along side my car and they roll down their windows while motioning for me to do the same. I was baffled but did as they indicated anyway. I did not know these people but the little, elderly lady leans out of her window and says, "The clue you are seeking has sailed away with the breeze. The next clue that you are looking for is "East Beltline". Good luck!". Then, they drove away. I was dumbfounded. This was crazy....

So, I traveled to the last intersection, the East Beltline and Lake Eastbrook (given to me on the CD) only to find another piece of paper, but this one was different. It was a puzzle where I had to take certain letters from the anagrams I had solved and put it into the puzzle in order to reveal a secret message. It read, "Mountain Jacks". That's it. I was so confused but I then realized that Mike must be taking me out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and wanted to surprise me! It was a full 2 hours since I had started this process and frankly, I was starving! My only reservation about heading straight over to this restaurant was that it was a pretty nice place and I wasn't exactly dressed in my Sunday best. Oh well, I was hungry and I definitely didn't want to go all the way home and back at this point, so I drove over, went inside and headed to the hostess stand.

The hostess was expecting me and showed me to my seat, where Mike was patiently waiting with a huge grin on his face. No sooner had I sat down, when up pops Mike, gets down on one knee, presents the ring and asks me to marry him. I was shocked, surprised and giddy! Of course I said yes! Then, I glance over and realize that there is a person literally hiding under the next table, in the dark, with a video camera....our friend, Justin. These 2 goons had been recording my every move the entire day without me having the slightest idea! So, this entire episode is on a VCR tape somewhere...I'll have to make a concerted effort to find it one day.

All in all, I've heard of some pretty great proposals, in some pretty great locations, but I think mine takes the cake. Thanks to my creative hubby, it's a day that I will definitely never forget!