Monday, January 24, 2011

The Lights Shone Brightly

These are the lights and decorations that garnered the 2010 Neighborhood Association Award for the best "Outdoor Holiday Decor". You can't see the garland, wreaths and bows very well in the dark but you get the idea! Can't wait to go spend that $50 Gift Card at the local hardware store!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Vehicular Units

While having dinner with our friends at Uccello's a couple of weeks ago, some nice person backed into our Yukon XL, smashing part of the bumper, rear quarter panel, tail light and adding some nice scratches down the side. They took off of course, so we were left to speculate what happened, when and why. We have a big, solid vehicle...I can only imagine what their car looked like!

The car is at the shop this week, getting the body work completed. That leaves us with only our '95 Thunderbird. Not the best car for maneuvering through Michigan's snow and ice, not to mention that it leaves me without a car all day. Such a strange feeling! Not being able to leave makes me want to get out of the house even more!

It did make me realize though that we really need to start saving for a newer car. Something that both Mike and I will like driving and can easily seat all 4 of us. Maybe a small SUV like an Escape or crossover vehicle like the Equinox. The 2-door sporty car from the mid 90's just isn't cutting it anymore...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Go Boyne!

It's that time of year again where our family gathers all of our cold-weather gear and bundles it into the 4-Wheel Drive sleigh for our annual trip up north to Boyne Mountain. We do normally go in February but it didn't fit in the schedule this January it is!

If you have never been on a "Ski Vacation" before, I highly recommend that you make a list. The amount of stuff that we have to bring for this one trip is at least double that of any other vacation destination. Not only do you have to have your coat and snow pants and boots, etc. but you need the "ski" versions of the stuff as well. Ski poles, ski boots, ski gloves, hats, skis, goggles, helmets, face masks, boot name it, we bring it. You even have to bring your warm-weather gear (like bathing suits and shorts) because the resort has Michigan's largest indoor water park (Avalanche Bay) that they keep at 84-87 degrees daily. It's crazy!
Mike learned to ski at Boyne when he was a little guy and the girls are loving the experience as well. It's so much easier to learn at this age, when the snow is only inches from your bottom! Falling and getting back up is not the chore for them that it is for the adult learner, that's for sure...

Hopefully it will be a fun and enjoyable week for all with plenty of pictures to follow!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Photos Over the Years

Chistmas 2005 
(this one is my favorite...)

Chistmas 2006 
(we didn't make the cut that year)

Christmas 2007 
(my least favorite although the girls are adorable)
Christmas 2008
(are you noticing a trend with Mike's shirt?)

Christmas 2009
(yes, I'm wearing the exact same jewelry as last year...)
Christmas 2010
(the girls are wearing the same headbands as last year...)

It's fun looking at the kids and how they change from year to year! Mike and I....not so much. Although, I clearly need to be more diligent next year and make sure that we don't have any repeats of the same clothes or accessories. I had no idea that Mike wore the same shirt for 3 years or that my choice of jewelry would be so boring! Not that it looks bad, it just makes me laugh when I look at it now!

We love sending out Christmas Cards every year and I think the photos add a personal touch. We love receiving cards too, but it seems like we get fewer in the mail every year. I know that there can be a significant cost involved in sending them out but it may be the only contact with have with some of our friends and family all year, so it's totally worth it for us! 

I wonder what we'll do for our picture next year? Maybe we'll try a tropical theme? At least I've got 11 months to plan!